Wedding Photography

Nowadays, wedding photography is not limited to taking posed pictures of the bride and groom, random clicks of the rituals or some emotionless shots of the relatives huddled together. Candid photography and properly framed and timed shots ensure that the picture portrays the energy and emotions of the moment in full authenticity. This is where 'Photosynthesis' comes into picture... Literally!

At Photosynthesis, we like to call ourselves "Dreamweavers". We are trained artists and visualizers adept in bringing thoughts & emotions to a tangible reality. Instead of clicking individual pictures, we strive to create photo-stories that are so unique that they leave a lasting impression.

Wedding photography is not an easy task...your wedding is undeniably one of the most significant events of your life and we would not want to miss capturing a single moment that matters to you that day. We take personal interest in each wedding and it becomes imperative for us to understand the needs and expectations that you have for your big day. This is why we make it a point to meet you in person before the wedding.

By knowing what you want and who all the important people in your life are, we make it possible to tell your story in a manner in which you wish to remember it!
Just drop as an email at and we will fix a meeting to plan your perfect wedding photostory!