Why Choose us

At Photosynthesis, we provide a perfect combination of quality and customer service. What we offer is a combination of elegant, contemporary and documentary styles of photographs. We are a team of creative photographers, videographers and cinematographers working full-time doing what we do best... Preserving memories!

As important as budget is, you must realize that it should not be all about just the money. Flowers wilt, food and wine are consumed and as great as the day would be, over a period of time, it slowly becomes a faded memory. Besides your wedding bands, the photographs are the only tangible reminder you will have from the whole day. It's always worth investing in a good photographer who understands how you want to record your special day. Price should not be the only consideration when you decide on your wedding photographer. It's not worth the gamble!

A "Meet & Greet" as we call it, over a cup of coffee is important for us as this gives us an opportunity to know and understand your requirements better. You can always talk to us. Discuss your thoughts and ideas and we are always glad to help in planning your wedding day. For us it is very essential, for you to be comfortable and relaxed with your photographer as this reflects in the images.