Corona Weddings: Small and Intimate


January 2020: Ready-Set-Go!
It was time for New Year Resolutions; get fit, gain more, work harder, love more.
All of us had plans. And it was time for Wedding Bells too! We had so many couples looking forward to their wedding! However, the Year 2020 had its own plans. A pandemic year that would wreck havoc all over the world.

Coronavirus halted us right in our tracks. The world stood standstill - Locked down. We are recovering, fighting the virus but the road to recovery is slow and treads a cautious path. As life meanders thru, we all learn to live with the limited means that life has to offer. Stay at Home, Social Distancing is the new normal.

small intimate covid wedding

Weddings used to be a celebration. A huge one! Hundreds of guest to join in the celebration. Not anymore! The idea of not inviting most of your friends and relatives to be by your side, to join in the celebrations is very new. There are no large gatherings, no hugs and kisses and no mingling. Small, Intimate, daytime Weddings with as little as 25-30 guests is the New Trend. We all have adapted to the situation. For us as Wedding Photographers this gives us an opportunity to look at weddings more closely. In fact, we believe, such small weddings are actually better. Less is More. A close knit family wedding function brings opportunities to cover the vibes. More time to divulge into emotions. Spending more time with the "father of the bride" to listen more carefully to their emotions of sending their daughters away. Photographs and videos are more intimate, filled with vibes and emotions.

Small, intimate weddings at home

Wedding in Covid. Small and intimate

Small family gathering at home

Wedding rituals covid

As life goes on, families overcome all these difficulties, adhering to the norms they decide to tie the knot amidst the corona pandemic. Photosynthesis Photography Services is providing small wedding coverage. With packages starting As Low As Rs. 25,000 only, we are providing bespoke wedding photography to suit all budgets and needs.

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Written Date

01 Jul, 2020