Five Question to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


When you are planning for your special day, you may face many challenges. One of the challenges is to choose one of the best wedding photographers. Even if you shortlist some of the photographers, you may not select any one of them. The easiest solution to your problem is to ask the five most essential questions to your wedding photographer and videographer.

Is he/she a full-time wedding photographer?

It’s one of the most important facts that you’d like to know. If the person pursues wedding photography full-time, he/she will know the changing trends. Besides, the photographer will have enough training to understand the requirements and act upon that. The photographer will also have updated equipment needed to capture your best wedding photos as well.

How should you face the camera?

If you’re not at ease in front of the camera, it will show even in your professional wedding pictures. Therefore, make sure to ask your photographer the relaxed and calm way of facing the camera on your wedding day.

Is there any substitute?

The photographer may become ill on the day of your wedding. Therefore, you should make sure that the person has a second photographer who can deliver the same result as him/her.

Would the photographer use photoshop to change the way you look?

Almost everywedding photographer uses photoshop or other editing tools for processing the wedding pictures images. However, you must know whether your skin colour or texture will be changed during the editing.

What style does the photographer follow?

Each photographer has his/her own style. You too may have your own preferences. Ask your wedding photographer whether your style is his/her style as well. you can also ask if the photographer incorporates more than one style while clicking wedding images.

Written Date

18 Feb, 2020