Indian Weddings - an emotional extravaganza, a fairytale!


Emotions running amok; tears of joy; the happiness that surrounds a wedding



The great Indian wedding is a festival of sorts, a gala event. The sheer glow on the bride’s face is the indication. They say it comes naturally. That magnificent attire took months to decide and prepare,


the sense of amazement among the guests, with a little envy perhaps. The pride and joy on the face of the groom clearly reflects his inner feelings.



Hustle n’ bustle, humdrum of activities break away the usual solidarity. A photographer freezes moments in time and immortalize them. Candid Wedding photography is a challenging job. There is no set stage and unlike in a photo studio, there are no re-takes. One blink of an eye and the moment is gone. A good wedding photographer is one who knows exactly when and where the magic is going to happen. A perfect sense of timing; being at the right place at the right time and a trigger happy finger… There’s so much more to a wedding photographer than just a camera!


The team at Photosynthesis knows this well. Years of hands-on experience has taught us to capture the emotions as they happen. Catching the perfect vibes! That’s what makes our wedding stories so amazing. We do not merely click photographs but we create fairytales. Fairytales that you can see. Fairytales that are about you!


Written Date

20 Jul, 2019